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follow my new blog please if you have an account please :) 


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where have NATW gone like seriously? I feel bad for never updating this blog but there’s no new content to put on it :(

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Interviewer: What would you do if you had to go on Big Brother?

Urby: I would probably almost get naked, yeah definitely get naked. And I’d probably have sex with a man or a woman, definitely a woman..maybe tongues with them umm no i’d probably have sex with them…

Charlie: I’d basically go to bed when everyone got up, then get up when everyone goes to bed so I wouldn’t have to hang out with them.

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happy 3rd birthday blog

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psychedelic-flamingoes: do you know a fan mail address for noah and the whale? :) x

Nope sorry x

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i have a boyfriend

we have been dating for 5 weeks

it is a miracle

if emmy can get one there is hope for us all


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Had to make this for university, please watch!

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Have a great Christmas everyone, Emmy x

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I’M BACK! (Well…kind of) Settled into uni now but the work load is HUGE so i won’t be on here much unfortunately, it will literally be whenever i’ve got a spare half hour or so which is pretty much never. Loving university though, it’s fab fab fab. Feels good to be roaming tumblr again. Some pictures coming up soon.

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Fave Noah and the Whale blogs


Hey guys!

It’s been a while, maybe a year or so, since i’ve done anything like this. So i thought i would give an updated version of my favourite blogs that are either solely about NATW or feature them often. They’re in no particular order but i hope you enjoy them because they’re all fab fab fab.






(If i keep reblogging myself it’s just because i want to make sure everyone see’s the post-they all deserve a follow!)

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